Programmer, designer, placeholder artist.



likes: gfx kitty cats sticking total darkness bm folk mystery danger oil sleaky sneaky things



Making pixels, functions, noises and foods. Any physical or vocal resemblance to the main character of ATME and BBB is completely and utterly coincidental!


We're a group of three friends from Finland making jam games and stuff. Check out our games right here or on itch.io.


In the summer of 2019 we would get together on Sundays to hang out and usually do all sorts of handicrafts. Sewing, crochet, candle making, soap making, you name it. At some point we started calling our pretend club Käsityökerho, which is Finnish for a crafting club. We found that the name is near impossible to pronounce and/or remember by people who don't speak Finnish so we ultimately rebranded as Kasityo Crew.

Eventually the three of us ended up attending the Global Game Jam of 2020 together and we needed a name for our team. On that day Kasityo Crew shifted gears and became a game development team.